Who We Are

So There's a Box ...

Everyone has heard the term, "think outside the box". We take this term literally. Every job we take is a big box with little boxes of tasks in it. Creativity, experience and a little adventurous spirit allows them to take each box and apply the question of, "what if we-?" to complete each task. We like adventure. We like challenge. We seem to get both out of what we do here at Atlas C.

Common Roots

We are Ted and Angie Lukecart, a husband and wife duo in life and at work. We grew up in the mountain towns of New Meadows and McCall, Idaho. Growing up in the mountains of Idaho gave us a similiar sense of adventure. When not working side by side we love to pack up our two pups, Ben and Liesel, to head off for a day at the beach, a visit with the kids, a weekend back home in Idaho, to explore a road not yet travelled. We both have a need for speed and a passion for Boise State football.

commercial expertise


  • Refresh
  • Rebrand
  • Interior & Exterior Renovation
  • 47+ projects nationwide
  • $2.45M


  • Ground Up Construction
  • CapEx
  • Rebrand
  • ADA Compliance
  • Interior & Exterior Renovation
  • 150+ projects nationwide
  • $105M


  • Interior & Exterior Renovation
  • Pool, Sauna& Spa Construction
  • Grounds & Landscaping
  • Parking Areas
  • Security Installation & Upgrades
  • 2 projects in McCall, ID
  • $3.85M

United States Air Force

  • Security Upgrades
  • Interior & Exterior Renovations
  • 450+ Rooms
  • 6 Bases in United States & Phillipines
  • $3.5M