Commitment to communication

We take communication with our clients very seriously. We understand that most of our clients do not have the time to take away from work and home to go to their project site to check on the status.

That is why we have partnered with BuilderTrend to make everyone's lives a little easier by offering you an Owner's Page where you can check on the status of your project at your convenience.

commitment to transparency


Check on your project at anytime from anywhere.

The Summary page is your dashboard to see all of the latest activity on your project. The What's New area will give you a quick glance at all activity, documents and photos uploaded on your project since your last log in.

Daily Logs

From the job site to your fingertips...

It takes just a few minutes to read about the latest events on your project with the Daily Logs feature.

Today's Schedule

We want to give you a little piece of mind in your day...

Know what will be happening on your project on any given day with a glance at your "Today's Schedule" tab on your dashboard.

Owner To-Do Lists

Even we get to give you a Honey Do List...

In almost every project there are items that clients must provide us with before we can proceed. These items will be listed in the "My To-Do List" tab on your dashboard.

OTD's can have additional attachments such as:

  • Checklists
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Assigned To
  • Due Date
  • Priority
  • Tags
  • Reminders
Want to give yourself a task? Go ahead and add some for yourself! There is also a "Show Builder" check box so you don't have to share your personal OTD's with us.

Project Calendar

Want to plan your vacay? No worries...

If you want to see the project's long term schedule you can glance ahead by using your Calendar tab on the top of your dashboard page. This can help us collaborate together so you can plan ahead for vacations, complete OTD items needed for installations and meet upcoming loan schedule obligations and inspections. Each calendar item has a pop up screen that will give you additional infomation such as:

  • Duration
  • Start and end dates
  • Attached files
  • Additional Details
The calendar will display helpful links and reminders for:

  • OTD's
  • Daily Logs
  • Uploaded photos
  • Change Orders

Selection Lists

Okay, one of our favorite features...ever...

BuilderTrend allows us to create personalized Selection Lists for every client. Each item that will be installed on your project will be itemized into categories and subcategories. Categories can be organized by:

  • Room
  • Floor of building
  • Subcontractor
  • Interior Selections
Each item will have a picture to easily identify your choice.

Each category tab will have a drop-down feature that will show additional information such as the quantity, location and status of each item in that category.

Each category has a Discussion feature where we can collaborate and communicate directly on an item to resolve any questions you may have.

Each Selection List is available to download and print.


Experience and share the excitement...

We will upload progress photos to your dashboard for you to check out. You can quickly email progress photos to a friend, download photos to your device or upload the photos to your Facebook page, Twitter account or pin to your Pinterest board with ease.

Messaging & Emails

Enjoy your day on the beach!

No need to spend your vacation time on the phone with us dicussing your project. Utilize messaging and email features within your dashboard so you can quickly ask and answer questions at your convenience.


Even your piggybank can relax...

Pay invoices and change orders with a click of a button on your tablet or phone. Then get back to what's really important while we handle the rest.